Tutorial By Li Pereira

English Translation by Soxikibem

Original Tutorial



1 Misted face of your choice



Alien Skin Eye Candy



Guidance for this tutorial by Li Pereira

This tutorial is very simple to do, but the challenge is to always work in dark colors

and find the right images for your art.

The images are all misted, except the one used to make the background of the work.

The blend mode must be worked according to the colors and images used.



1. Choose two colors to work:

Foreground #1f4439

Background #45765d


2. Open a transparent image of 1000x600px.


3. Paint this transparency with a Linear gradient formed by the chosen colors.


4. Adjust > Add/Remove Noise > Add Noise


5. Plugin Graphics Plus > Emboss: Deafult.


6. Layers > New Raster Layer.

Selections > Select All.

Edit > Copy in the tube femme 437-coly.

*We will use this tube only for the color effect.
Change the blend mode according to your tubes.

But if you change this, skip item 9.*

Selections > Select None.


7. Effects > Image Effects > Seamless Tiling.


8. Adjust > Blur > Guassian Blur: 30.


9. Layers > Properties: Blend Mode Multiply.

Layers > Merge > Merge Down.


10. Layers > Duplicate.


11. Effects > Geometric Effects > Circle.

Image > Resize: 90%


12. Layers > Duplicate.

Activate the Copy of Raster 1 layer.


13. Plugin Alien Skin > Eye Candy > Impact > Perspective Shadow.

Layers > Properties: Blend Mode Dissolve, Opacity 8%.

Opacity will vary depending on the colors you use.

 Effects > Image Effects > Offset.


15. Activate the Copy (2) of Raster 1.

 Effects > Image Effects > Offset

Layers > Properties: Blend Mode Soft Light.


16. Layers > New Raster Layer.

Paint this layer with the color of the foreground.

Layers > New Mask Layer > From Image: 1250181869_nikita_masques, With Invert Transparency checked.

Layers > Merge > Merge Group.

Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow: 1, 1, 70, 1, black color.


17. Plugin Adjust > Variations: Clicking once on BLUE and 10 times on darken,

if you use the same colors as the original tutorial, otherwise just darken your preference.

Layers > Properties: Blend Mode Liminance [L].


18. Layers > New Raster Layer.

Selections > Load/Save Selection > Load Selection From Disk: urbana1.PspSelection.


19. Edit > Copy in the Misted City.

Edit > Paste Into Selection.


20. Plugin Alien Skin > Eye Candy > Impact > glass: glass_majo.f1s.

Apply twice.

Effecs > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow: 0, 33, 30, 40, with background color.

Selections > Select None.


21. Edit > Copy on Misted Facial.

Edit > Paste a New Layer.

Effects > image Effects > Offset.


22. Edit > Copy on Misted 532760629fbd00fcc30401f01a7dc064 or another of your preference.

Edit > Paste a New Layer.

Effects > image Effects > Offset.

Layers > Properties: Blend Mode Dodge or another of your preference.


23. Image > Resize 90%, all layers checked.

Image > Add Borders:

1px #a48797 background color

3px #1f4439 foreground color

1px #a48797 background color

50px #0e0209

1px #a48797 background color

Edit > Copy in text_li.pspimage. Edit > Paste a New Layer.

Effects > Image Effects > Offset.


24. Plugin Adjust: click once on darken as you like.


25. Effects > 3D Effects > Drop Shadow: 1, 1, 70, 1, color #000000.


26 - Apply your watermark or signature.

Apply the watermark of the tutorial author.

File > Export > Jpeg Optimizer.

Tutorial by Li Pereira - Art by Soxikibem

Version 1:  Main tube by Colybrix - fee pissenlit tub by MM - Mask by Narah

Version 2: Tubes Femme by Nikita -

Image received in a group of exchanges without the author's name

Remaining material provided by Li Pereira

Tutorial by Li Pereira


Feel free to send your versions.

I will be happy to publish them on our website.

Tutorial created by Li Pereira and was translated by Soxikibem with her permission. It may not be copied, removed from this place, translated or used in learning lists or groups without the prior consent of the author.