Artistic Property

SimPsp does not claim any ownership over the content you submit or make available for the competition. Ownership is maintained by users at all times. By submitting content to SimPsp you confirm, represent and warrant that the content submitted is yours (and/or otherwise have the right to submit) or made available to you by SimPsp; and that you agree to the terms and conditions set herein. However, with respect to the content in publicly accessible areas of the Site, you grant SimPsp the right to display the content and the right to use it to promote the challenge(s) on social media. In such cases, credit will be explicitly granted to you as the owner of the Tutorial. The foregoing notwithstanding, the user must always retain all copyright on any and all images uploaded.

All work issued must be your own creation. If you submit work that is a copu of other artists, you will be permanently removed from SimPsp groups.

All material used as tubes, masks, etc ... must contain the Artist Credits. Work without credited material will not be accepted.